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The Hospital Drawings came as result of a number of knee surgeries I underwent in 2017. These drawings are based on both imagined and real experiences in the operating room, the Emergency Department admission and hospital stays.  I made a serious subject into a fun subject.  Unable to paint during this period, which lasted months, these were done on an Ipad and started while I was in the hospital. JAMA’s first graphic magazine story published October 8, 2019 | Click here to view PDF.


"Which One ? The prosthetic decision." 2018
"Renewal Swirling Above Her Head" 2018
"The Opening Salvo - Symphony #5" 2017
"Symphony #2" 2017
"Waiting for the Drugs to Kick in While the Music Begins" 2017
"Emergency Department Aspiration" 2018
"Symphony #4" 2017
The IV 2017
Detail - I call this - The Drip. 2018
"Symphony 1" 2017
I Become the Physician Purple Gloves
I Become the Physician Green Gloves
At Mount Sinai West surgical waiting area - Artist with two knees alongside artist as patient -"Hospital Drawing" prints.
Mount Sinai West Hospital Surgery Waiting Room
Mount Sinai West Hospital Surgery Waiting Room
The Patient and Artist with the Hospital Drawings - Surgery Waiting Room - Mount Sinai West Hospital